Muyinga - Burundi

Muyinga - Burundi

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Muyinga Province, situated in northern Burundi, boasts picturesque hills and an average altitude ranging from 1,500 to 1,700 meters, gracing its volcanic soil. Its proximity to the Ruvubu National Park and its traversal by the River Nile add to its natural allure. 

Renowned for its excellent climate, Muyinga Province provides an optimal environment for cultivating the Red Bourbon variety of coffee, known for its delightful notes of sweetness, caramel, and chocolate. 

Since 2021, the processing of coffee has been expertly handled at the Karambo washing station, overseen by the capable management of Etienne Girukwishaka. This facility serves approximately 2,000 farmers from the region, whose collective farms span over 50 hectares. 

Coffee holds a pivotal role in Burundi’s economy, serving as a vital source of income for numerous families. It enables access to education and facilitates the construction of homes, thereby contributing significantly to the livelihoods of many. 

Expertly roasted to bring out the unique flavour of the region

Cup Characteristics:

Sweet with Bright Acidity, the aroma of Rasberry, with Toffee, Chocolate in the cup.

Origin Burundi
Region Muyinga
Farm Karambo washing station
Variety Red Bourbon
Altitude 1500 - 1700 masl
Proc. Method  Washed
Quality Score 86 points