The "Good" in The Good Bean Coffee Roastery

 Why is "Specialty Coffee" special?

First and foremost the specialty coffee roaster is far more tuned in than it's larger coffee industry cousin of the last 20 years or so.

The history of Coffee is dark (Pun intended!). A lot of coffee producing countries (Not all) haven’t seen fair wages for the people who work in this trade grow until the last few decades. Slavery, manipulated poverty, and violent occupation are just some of the ways that oppressive powers have taken advantage of struggling farming communities. 

While we think the worst of coffee’s moral problems are probably over, we continue to hear stories 

"Starbucks and Nespresso have come under fire after it was revealed children under 13 had picked coffee beans for both multi-national companies."*

The poverty line for coffee producers is a very real struggle as coffee prices fail to rise with the cost of living, a lot of farms are barely making a living.

Over the last decade or so there has been an amazing set of systems set up, that are bringing sustainability and hope to farmers around the world. You’ve probably already participated in these efforts! :-)

The Fair Trade Certification recognizes coffee buyers and farms that pay a fair price for coffee beans and labor. This organization has been a force for good in developing countries for over a decade, and the results are pouring in. Children with access to health care, women who are paid for their work, and farms who are able to provide education to their workers’ children.

From the start, we wanted to set up a roastery that was "Good"

We are an ethical roastery from the beans we buy from sustainable farms, direct trade where we know the farmers by name, to fairtrade and community-based coffees and woman only produced coffees, organic and single origin coffees to working with Rain Forest Alliance to rebalance the planet through a sustainable transformation in agriculture and forestry, we work closely with our importer cafe imports.

We work with our local community and give back, not just monetary but our time as well. We want to be part of a sustainable future.

Each of our coffees will have detailed information on every aspect of our coffee from the taste, to the process used, to the region or farm. Nothing is left out, so you, our customer can make an informed decision.

And if we left out something or you have suggestions please let us know we love to get ideas on how to improve our brand and grow our business.

Susan & Garry


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