My Granny

People have often asked me why I started roasting my own coffee and why I started a coffee roasting business. I have my Granny to thank for that!
Does anyone remember this? 

This is Irel a think syrupy chicory and coffee essence, not something that would come to mind when you think about specialty coffee, but is the base of my coffee knowledge.

My Gran would brew this up as special treat. Gran would bring milk just to the boil, you know that part of the boil when it starts to rise and you know you have 5 seconds before your hob becomes a complete disaster area. While all the time mixing a large spoon of irel in a cup of warm milk , and just as the milk hit the point of no return! Gran would mix in the Irel, my heart was always in my mouth, to me this was magic, but hey I was like 5 or 6 at the time! anyway, it would become slightly thicker and have such an amazing aroma, then Gran would mix in a huge handful of sugar and stir until all is mixed. It was amazing and I still have it now, because it reminds me of my Gran, who I miss very much.

So my journey continues to this day, sharing my love of coffee and always happy to share my grans recipe for her sweet chicory coffee drink :-)

 We hope you enjoy our coffees as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

We are working closely with farmers and Cafe Imports to empower coffee growers with fair trade and long-term partnerships. 100% Arabica beans guaranteed.

Susan & Garry  :)



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