• Measurements: 17g coffee, 250g water
  • Grind: Medium – Fine
  • Filter: Aeropress Filters
  • Method: Inverted – The Aeropress will be brewed with the filter cap facing upwards and the plunger already attached on the bottom

1. Bring water to just about a boil ( 93° C /200° F ) in order to brew the coffee and pre-heat the Aeropress.

2. Pop in the filter to the filter cap and warm it by pouring some hot water over it. Then pour a little hot water into the Aeropress to warm it up it as well.

3. Weigh out your coffee and grind. After you throw out the warm water, add your ground coffee to the Aeropress.

4. Pour in enough water to saturate the grounded coffee evenly (50 grams), and rest for about 30-40 seconds to allow for bloom (which is the CObeen gassed off). This will allow you to add more water once the bloom is finished.

5. Next, pour the remaining water in slowly and evenly so that all the grounds continue to be fully saturated and agitate as you pour.

6. After about a minute thirty has passed, place the cap on the Aeropress and flip the device over and onto a mug.

7. Begin pressing slowly, a slow smooth press will give the best brew.

8. If you would like a slightly less stronger cup of coffee, just a little hot water. 

9. You're Done!, sit back relax and enjoy :-)